They're the same thing. Simply it's an internet connection without wires. You can do everything that you'd do plugged in at home or in the office. Facebook, Twitter, email, games, music, you name it.

BT Wi-Fi means you can do it all out and about at over 5 million hotspots around the UK & Ireland.

BT Wi-Fi is a wireless broadband (wi-fi) service that you can access in public places (hotspots) such as airports, hotels, coffee shops, motorway service stations and city centres. Get online at over 5 million BT Wi-Fi hotspots throughout the UK and Ireland, and at selected locations outside the UK. BT Broadband or BT Mobile comes with unlimited free BT Wi-Fi access so there's no need to pay for 3G or a dongle to get internet on the go. If you don't have BT Broadband or BT Mobile, all you need is a BT Wi-Fi subscription or voucher.

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To find out more about BT Broadband for home use, go to http://www.bt.com/broadband

To find out about BT Business Broadband, go to https://business.bt.com/products/broadband-and-internet/

To find out more about BT Mobile, go to: http://bt.com/mobile

To help make sure you receive a safe, reliable and robust service, BT Wi-Fi encrypts your account details at login. We also advise you make sure you have up to date firewall and anti-virus software to guard against any attacks and we strongly recommend you consider using a virtual private network (VPN), which protects your data from being intercepted. You will find the option to disable cookies via your internet browser options. Note however that some web sites may not support this function.

Visit our security section to read more about the things you can do to be even safer online.

BT Wi-Fi gives you internet access, at broadband speeds, at over 5 million places across the UK. You can easily get online where you want to like in cafés, hotels, stations, airports and city centres. And you can choose from lots of brand names offering our wi-fi service such as Starbucks, Hilton, Menzies, John Lewis, National Trust, Goals 5-aside and Thistle Hotels.

It's all free and unlimited if you have BT Broadband or BT Mobile. To find out more go to www.bt.com/freewifi for your home, or business.bt.com/broadband if you have BT Business Broadband or http://bt.com/mobile for BT Mobile.

Buy BT Wi-Fi access now

Yes. BT Broadband and BT Mobile comes with free unlimited wi-fi minutes. If you aren't a BT Broadband or BT Mobile customer, you can buy BT Wi-Fi access now.

To find out more about BT broadband go to www.bt.com/broadband for your home, or business.bt.com/broadband for your business. To find out more about BT Mobile go to http://bt.com/mobile.

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